Monday, December 7, 2009

Life in Denton!

This is crazy. Seems like just yesterday when I moved from College Station to Allen and this past Saturday I moved from Allen to more permanently Denton!

I know few things, but here are a few things I do know that spurred the move:

1) Being called long term to be a covenant member of The Village Church, somewhere. To serve there in varying ways while living missionally amongst the whatever culture God has placed me.

2) The need to finish college.

3) Affirmation of my vocational pursuit- firefighting! God has been so sweet to me. I've never met more firefighters who are dedicated to live for the Gospel, willing to answer any of my questions or encourage me in any way towards this calling. I'm truly blessed to be here.

4) Culture shock? Not a bit- I fit here. The (little) artistic ability I have, love for music, weird way of dressing, kind of bike I ride, how I see things.. the list goes on- all of that enables me to puzzle into life here amongst my peers and truly see others for who they are:


..of what?

In Denton, as in anywhere, many things. People, money, food, sports (eh... not the mean green.. sorry.. ) but you get it. Here I think it's 'free' thinking that prevails. Call it liberalism, atheism, 'artsy people' or whatever but God's given me a joy to share who is truly worth the worship of our time, conversations, money and adoration: Jesus!

Galations 5:1

This is why I share what I know- contrary to belief its not about morality, standards for which to live or rules to follow- chains- but its freedom!

Don't worry- if you're a LHer or my parents- I haven't fallen off the deep end and go party and drink or smoke (which to some degree we all have the 'freedom' to do) but to clarify I now have more of a balance in my life. Now I couple the two- the depravity of man and the gospel.

For me-

I knew the gospel. But I also believed Satan's lies. I knew I wasn't worthy of being saved, loved like a son or called into an inheritance. But I didn't listen to Jesus finishing the sentence, the verse. I stopped there, short. And lived a majority of my college life burdened by the shackles of the guilt and shame of my past of sexual idolatry and pride.

It's the depravity of man, our wretchedness, that makes the Gospel so beautiful. Because God is good and is a loving God he sent His son to save me, that it might increase His name's fame. It has nothing to do with me yet the blood covers all of me- my past, present and future.

The balance- proclaiming "Yes! I'm prone to wander from the One that loves me most! BUT, He died so I wouldn't have to, when I was furthest from Him! At my worst, my ugliest, Jesus died."

So how's life? Life is abundant in joy and deep in communion with my Lord.

Progressive sanctification is not 'struggling with sin' when you're choosing sin, when you're making provision for your flesh. I've learned- progressive sanctification is giving up what's in your hand when God reveals it to you- one day at a time. Daily living a life of continual repentance and confession.

How good is it to live in the light.

thanks for reading my rant.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Life in Allen...

Whelp.. This is it, I'm here. It hasn't even been two weeks here and things are getting hard.

I never realized how hard it would be not to have a job- to be a man and be bored is extremely dangerous. But then the dilemma is do I just do thing to fill the time? ..Well of course not, but when there's not much to do, what do you do? Really, (I think) the right answer to this question is ask people what they need to be done for them, and either help them or do it for them. Have I done this? No. BUT, with observation skills there is no need to ask.

Regardless of this asking matter, what have I been doing?

Having trouble sleeping (or the first time in my life- really.)
Played ultimate frisbee.
Spent time with my family :)
Had a doctor dig into my toe- gross I know..
Seeing neural psychologists
More frisbee
Applied for jobs for the Fall
Sent transcripts
Started adoral (recommendation from the neural psychologist)
Went to The Village Denton, talked to Beau Hughes about Recovery.
Went grocery shopping with my mom's Kroger card.
Watched a movie and ate pizza with the Heather (sis 1/3).
Going to an interview tomorrow for bus driving in Allen ISD.
Going to help with a special ed ministry using horses tomorrow...
Really there's more.. but that's all off the top of my head.

See? Life is easy.

Really, with the blessings Christ has given us, besides life with victory over sin, air to breathe, parents that love us, etc. it should be that easy.

But its not.

To be honest, friends, I've been feeling pretty alone the last two weeks. Through this, the Lord has shown me and is showing me:

That all I need is in Him.
Obedience isn't easy.
Its ok to miss people you love, even if you can't see them anymore.
Don't take what you have for granted.
Community is so much.
Without it a man feels.. I do right now..



Missing something

Missing loved ones

But Why? Because I'm missing the mark. It's not about me and how I feel. It's not about what I miss or the people I can't see.

My focus should be the gospel- the Word. Getting that out. Using my struggles, my skills and abilities, even my failures.. especially my failures (..the Spirit says..).

So what have I really learned?

Without the gospel I am nothing.

Without the blood, there is no life.

Focussing on other things too much leads to selfishness, to isolation, to sin..

The gospel is what I need.

God is so good to us.

If you're reading this, I miss you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This is my blog. Yes, I know. I can't believe it either. I have a blog. Because I find it awkward (>>had to spell check that word) to talk about myself posts will come few and far between. 

To me, the best way to get to know someone or learn something about them is by asking them to their face. Maybe I'm old school, but hey, Jesus loves you. (and me)

Sermon series I'm on right now?
- Mark Driscoll's special lecture series called "Spiritual Warfare".

Check it out- Satan is real and prowls this Earth.  1 Peter 5:8
We're not unaware of his schemes so why let him outwit us? 2 Corinthians 2:11

How I intend to use this blog?
-Write about victories in Christ in my life and in the lives of those around me so that who-so-ever reads this might be encouraged in their walk with Jesus. Come on- it really is about Him!

I'll end with...
My eyes are burning terribly and I just realized why- I rubbed them. What I forgot was that the juice from the imported pickled hot peppers I ate about 30 minutes ago remains on my fingers...